Linda began her dance career studying all forms of dance including Broadway dance with Danny Lockin (who starred as Barnaby Tucker in Hello Dolly on Broadway and in the movie), and classical ballet as a Principle dancer of the Los Angeles Junior Ballet under the direction of Paul Petroff and Irena Kosmovska. Recurrent ankle and hip injuries forced Linda to end her professional career early and led her to open Cascade Ballet Centre under a comprehensive Ballet program combining Cecchetti, Bournonville, Imperial Russian, and Balanchine technique with a strong focus on injury prevention.

Linda has received extensive education in the movement arts earning certifications in West Coast (under Diane Diefenderfer and Ron Fletcher), East Cost (or Classical Pilates), and the Physical Mind method of Pilates under PMA Presenter Jillian Hessel. In 2003, Linda received Gyrotonic, certification under Julio Horvath himself, the creator of Gyrotonic. Linda has used this foundation to successfully operate Pilates and Gyrotonic studios in Beverly Hills and New York. Linda has continued to be progressive in the movement arts by becoming certified instructor in CINK (Corrective Integrated Neuro-Kinetics), a program that transforms the energy lines of the body to correct dysfunctional movement patterns and relieve pain. To date Linda has used CINK to successfully treat clients with a host of issues ranging from: migraines to neck pain, frozen shoulder, degenerative diseases of the spine including herniation, scoliosis, labral tears, hip replacements, hip flexor pain, ACL tears, plantar fasciitis, muscle strain, tendonitis, arthritis and edema. Linda also uses CINK as the foundation of movement to enable professional ballet dancers, professional athletes, and “weekend athletes” to perform at their best. But beyond Linda’s considerable experience is her unique ability to teach and to inspire those students she serves to reach beyond their own perceived limitations.