Havilah is a Master Pilates instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience. She first began taking Pilates at 12 years old. At 17, She received her first Pilates certification from Diane Diefenderfer in 1997. Diane is the head of University of California Irvine's Pilates department, a former principle dancer for Balanchine and personally certified by both Ron Fletcher and Romana Kryzanowska. Havilah then attended advanced teacher intensives with Ron Fletcher, (creator of the West Coast method and personally trained by Joseph Pilates). In 2000 Havilah completed a level 5 East Coast certification from Jill Cassady, who was privately trained by Romana Kryzanowska, (the inventor of the East Coast or Classical method and personally trained by Joseph Pilates). Havilah then rounded out her training by advanced teacher intensives in the Physical Mind method with regular PMA presenter Jillian Hessel. The breadth of Havilah's training, (all from private instruction), gives her a unique understanding of Pilates methodology and Joe's original intent for each exercise. Havilah also has a lifetime of ballet experience from Cascade Ballet Centre, Lynn Marchant's Russian Ballet Academy, and Ballet Pacifica. This is crucial as many Pilates exercises were created from Joe's work with Balanchine ballet dancers and proper dance technique is vital to fully understand the movement.

Havilah has utilized her extensive training in Pilates and dance as well as work with prominent physical therapists and Osteopaths in New York to create CINK, Corrective Integrated Neuro-Kinetics. CINK is a revolutionary program addressing the root problem of chronic pain and repetitive-use injuries by changing the firing patterns of the motor and sensory nerve lines. Havilah has used to CINK to treat chronic injuries and pain ranging from: migraines, knee injuries, hip pain including labral tears, disc disorders including herniation, foot pain, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, arthritis, nerve damage, and hypermobility syndrome, as well as improve the performance of professional dancers and athletes.