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Corrective Integrated Neuro-Kinetics

Corrective Integrated Neuro-Kinetics

CINK is a revolutionary treatment program that changes the neuro-firing patterns to correct the body’s movements and reflexes, thereby increasing strength and relieving pain.


CINK is a necessary tool for any individual looking to reshape their body, enhance sport performance, or seek relief from chronic pain and injury.


CINK for Chronic Pain

Poor energy lines create points in the body prone to injury and chronic pain either from a lack of energy and support or tense gripping patterns.

CINK recreates harmony in the body with each part supporting and reinforcing the other, with a balance between resistance and give, strength and shock absorption.

CINK has been successfully used to treat a host of issues including: migraines, neck pain, frozen shoulder, degenerative diseases of the spine including herniation, scoliosis, labral tears, hip replacements, hip flexor pain, ACL tears, muscle strain, tendonitis, arthritis, edema, nerve damage, and hypermobility syndrome.


CINK for Beauty

Have you noticed how people can engage in the same activities and develop very different physiques? Two people may take the same aerobics or Pilates class under the same teacher. One will complain how the regimen is bulking up her quads while the other’s legs look lean and toned.

Beyond muscle development are larger structural differences: humps on the back, narrowed shoulders, large rib cages, bowleggedness, knock-knees and bunions. This is not simply genetics. Your structure is not fixed and you are not doomed to a lifetime of covering your “flaws.” These issues are a symptom of improper movement and energy lines.

Through CINK we can reshape your body giving it a more balanced and youthful look while improving strength and performance.


CINK for Athletes

Athletic performance is all about symmetry and connection. It is about the harmony between strength and ease, give and support with the body working as one cohesive unit. Incorrect energy lines throw the body off balance and disrupt momentum, weakening the body’s speed and power.

Further, when engaging in heightened athletic activities, weak points created by these energy lines are left more vulnerable to injury. This makes it all the more vital for athletes to learn the ideal lines in order to maintain a continuous flow of energy when performing their chosen sport.

CINK breaks down the movements of your chosen sport or dance to discover where you lose these energy lines and then rebuild their connection. You will notice increased speed, strength, agility and balance while gaining a greater freedom in your movement and staying injury free.


It is time for our understanding of fitness and physiotherapy to evolve. CINK is the program to take us there.